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Intercultural Training Center


We offer individualized workshops and experiential activities to help you and your group improve communication across cultural boundaries.

For more than 20 years, staff at the International Student and Scholar Services at University of Minnesota have designed and facilitated intercultural training programs for international and U.S. audiences. We are now highlighting this experience by forming an Intercultural Training Center to more systematically offer our training expertise to the University of Minnesota community as well as businesses, non-profits, and community organizations.

Common Training Objectives

We individualize our training to fit the needs of our clients, but over the years we have seen a great deal of similarity in what is requested. Some objectives of training we have provided, which have met the needs of various organizations, are:

  • Provide interactive opportunities to strengthen your skills in communicating across cultures
  • Learn how to recognize cultural differences when they occur
  • Learn some specific ways in which cultures can differ
  • Develop self-awareness of your own cultural behaviors and values, which will help you be more effective in cross-cultural communication
  • Provide a framework for examining motivation across cultures
Our Training Method

Simply knowing that cultures differ is no longer enough in today's global market. To be a successful organization, employees at all levels of an organization need to know how cultures can differ and what they can do to be successful in communicating across cultures. We design workshops to address these important and often overlooked points.
Our sessions are unique in that we also design the workshops to be interactive, allowing participants to practice their newly acquired knowledge and skills in a safe environment.

What Makes Us Unique
  • Our trainers are experienced and work with intercultural differences every day as we advise, train, and counsel international students and scholars, as well as U.S. audiences.
  • Because we are based at an educational institution, we continuously develop and pilot new training material in our classrooms.
  • Our trainers have all lived and traveled abroad in a wide array of countries and have earned credentials in the areas of intercultural communication, international development, cross-cultural psychology, and human resource development.
What Past Participants Say

The following comments come from anonymous evaluations for trainings we've conducted since June 1998.

  • "I learned to look for complex, multiple indicators in determining cultural influences for countries, companies, and individuals."
  • "Great job. The real life stories helped bring things into perspective."
  • "I learned that culture is not specific to language/nationality, but rather encompasses many different things."
  • "I learned to remember to always have more than one way of interpreting things."
  • "Thanks for coming today--I learned a lot!"

Upcoming Workshops:

Contact Us For More Information

We would be happy to talk with you about your department or organization's needs and possible solutions. Please contact Barbara Kappler for further information about what the Intercultural Training Center can do to assist you.

Barbara Kappler, Ph.D., Assistant Director
International Student & Scholar Services
University of Minnesota
190 Humphrey Center
301 19th Avenue S.
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55455
Phone: (612) 625-2010
Fax: (612) 626-7361


Do you Want to improve your communication with people from different cultures? Need to hire, train, and retain a diverse workforce?

Confused about the best way to manage a multicultural team? Curious about the ways that cultures can differ?

Concerned about creating a comfortable work environment and retaining your employees?

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