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Cross-Cultural Discussion Groups

Cross-cultural Discussion Groups
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Cross-Cultural Discussion Groups


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ISSS organizes cross-cultural discussion groups which consist of both international and U.S. students. Members of these groups meet once a week to share their cross-cultural experiences and thoughts on different issues, by engaging in a variety of topics in a relaxed atmosphere. Each group will have two leaders with group facilitation experience.

Examples of the topics discussed in the past are culture shock, cultural customs, communication styles, friendship/relationships, education systems around the world, and many more. For more than 30 years ISSS has facilitated cross-cultural discussion groups with participants from dozens of countries throughout the world.

Why Join a Cross-cultural Discussion Group?
You can…

  • Make friends with students from diverse backgrounds and experiences
  • Expand your cross-cultural understanding and worldview
  • Improve your communication skills
  • Make your study at the U more enjoyable and successful
  • Develop self-awareness of your own cultural background

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What Past Participants Have Said About Cross-cultural Discussion Groups

  • “Very exciting, fun, and joyful!”
  • “I got a chance to know about people and cultures from different countries.”
  • “I learned about leadership and communication skills.”
  • “We supported each other with honesty and genuineness.”
  • “Quite relaxing, comfortable, and warm atmosphere we created in the group. It feels like home!”
  • On a scale from 1-7, most members rated the group experience as either 7 (very satisfied) or 6 (satisfied)!

Fall 2015 Semester:
Cross-cultural Discussion Groups

International and U.S. students are invited to join our new cross-cultural discussion groups. Several groups will be formed—each with a consistent meeting time. The sessions will begin mid-October and run through the second week of December 2015.

Registration is currently closed.

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