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Tax Questions

ISSS is unable to provide tax advice. When tax season begins in February, 2014 ISSS will provide resources on its website to help with tax preparation. If you have questions about an Individual Tax Payer Identification Number please come in during walk-ins and meet with an adviser. We appreciate your patience as we prepare to provide resources during the upcoming tax season.

Some organizations may offer services to international students that are not in your best interest, and may even have serious consequences. Whether these services are offered free or for a charge, please be aware of the following.

Fraud Warning:
The Internal Revenue Service (I.R.S.) the taxation authority does not use email to communicate. If you receive any emails from somebody claiming they are the I.R.S., it is fraud; delete the email and so not respond. Please contact an ISSS advisor if you have any questions

Last Update: December 4, 2013

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