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Glacier Tax Prep software

"Glacier Tax Prep" is now available! ISSS along with the Master's in Business Taxation Program, has purchased a software program called "Glacier Tax Prep", which is designed to:

  • Help non-residents determine filing needs
  • Calculate tax liability based on information entered
  • prepare Federal tax returns for non-residents.
  • Account for international tax treaties
  • Print out the completed federal forms, ready for users to sign and send.

There is no cost for University of Minnesota-Twin Cities students and scholars to use "Glacier Tax Prep" for preparing Federal tax returns.

"Glacier Tax Prep" is a web-based federal non-resident tax preparation software available only to current University of Minnesota students and scholars. You will need a current University of Minnesota Internet ID to access the software.

  • GLACIER TAX PREP will determine that filing status (non-resident or resident)
  • GLACIER TAX PREP is an interactive software programmed designed to produce Federal Non-Resident Tax Return Forms 1040NR and 1040NR-EZ.
  • GLACIER TAX PREP does not prepare Minnesota State Tax Returns.
  • Users MUST log in using their University-issued email address assigned to them by the University.
  • The University of Minnesota does not accept responsibility for anyone accessing GLACIER TAX PREP with other addresses, even if they are U of M students.
  • International Student and Scholar Services doesn't warranty correctness of the tax program offered by GLACIER TAX PREP.
  • University-affiliated individuals may access and use GLACIER TAX PREP software during the period of the tax filing year and for any extended period necessary to amend, late file, or file corrections to the current year's tax filing.

Please note that GLACIER TAX PREP can only be used to prepare Federal tax returns. It will not assist with Minnesota state returns. Any questions about the software should be directed to GLACIER TAX PREP Technical Support by emailing

GLACIER TAX PREP supports Windows 2000/XP (Internet Explorer and FireFox) or MAC OSX (Safari and FireFox). GLACIER TAX PREP does NOT support Internet Explorer on a MAC. Javascript must be enabled to use GLACIER TAX PREP.

Access the login to GLACIER TAX PREP

Nonresident aliens must mail in the Form 1040NR or 1040NR-EZ. After completing GLACIER TAX PREP, you must print, sign, and mail the tax return. Keep a copy of the tax return. The copy of your tax return is second in importance only to your passport and immigration documents.

GLACIER TAX PREP deletes all tax records on June 17, (or earlier if so requested) so the you MUST keep a copy of the tax return for at least three calendar years following the date filed (four calendar years in total).


Last Update: February 3, 2012

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