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image-checklist Checklist for International Undergraduate Students

The following checklist contains the steps you need to take as a new undergraduate international student upon first applying to the University of Minnesota. This is a special checklist has been developed for new undergraduates.

Helpful definitions:

  • Freshman – You are considered a freshman if you are still a high school student or if you have not enrolled in any college courses after graduating from high school.
  • Transfer – You are considered a transfer student if you have previously enrolled in any course for college credit after graduating from high school. If you are a high school student and are enrolled in PSEO, College in the Schools, or have earned AP credit, you are still considered a freshman.
  • Visa transfer – You are considered a visa transfer student if you are currently in the U.S. on a visa and who will continue to be on that same visa type at UMN. Visa transfer students can be either freshmen students or transfer students.

After You Apply:

  1. Activate internet ID and email account
  2. Access Application Tracker to ensure complete application
  3. Apply for University Housing and review the eligibility criteria for the Incoming First-Year Freshmen ‘Housing Guarantee’
  4. Receive admission decision
  5. Read the International Student Ambassador blog to learn about life at the U of M

After Admission:

  1. Confirm your Enrollment, submit Financial Certification Statement and passport copy to the office of admissions
  2. Access MyU Web Portal
  3. Receive Welcome Packet, pre-Arrival Guide and immigration document.
  4. Watch for mailing from your college of enrollment
  5. Sponsored Students: Contact the sponsored student coordinator
  6. Apply for visa and/or begin visa transfer process
  7. Submit your immunization record to Office of Student Health Benefits by completing an online form
  8. Prepare for your New Student Orientation
  9. Read about the mandatory Document Check and make a Document Check Reservation (if arrival date will be on/after August 4th)

    **Be sure to schedule a Document Check Reservation BEFORE your New/Transfer Student Orientation.
  10. Submit Housing Guarantee payment if you were guaranteed University Housing
  11. Enroll in the required Student Health Benefit Plan offered through the Office of Student Health Benefits

Plan For Your Arrival:

  1. Check your University Housing assignment if you received guaranteed University Housing.
  2. Research off-campus housing options if you did not receive guaranteed University Housing
  3. Choose arrival date
  4. plan for expenses
  5. Send your final transcript to the Office of Admissions
  6. Plan transportation from airport to temporary housing

After You Arrive At The University Of Minnesota:

  1. Attend Document Check at International Student Scholar Services (ISSS)
  2. Sponsored Students: You have a separate Document Check with the sponsored student coordinator. Schedule an appointment with the sponsored student coordinator
  3. Remove registration holds
  4. Attend International Student Orientation Program (ISOP) (transfer students only)
  5. Take English assessment test (if applicable)
  6. Check into permanent housing
  7. Register for classes at New Student Orientation

After Registering For Classes:

  1. Obtain University of Minnesota Identification Card “U Card”
  2. Attend Welcome Week (freshmen only, fall semester)
  3. Update “Mailing Address” on One Stop
  4. Subscribe to ISSS Weekly Update
  5. Pay tuition and fees by due date

See First-Year Student – August Schedule at a Glance.
See Transfer Student – August Schedule at a Glance.

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